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Dave Ambos has always been interested in technology. That passion led to 24-years in the Navy and upon retirement, Ambos chose St. Mary’s County where he felt the economy and job opportunities were best suited for his next career. He joined Technical Systems Integration, Inc. (TSI) in 2004 and has been working as a program manager for the past four and a half years.

He’s never lost the eye for technology – and in particular, technological opportunities.

“I always like to have the latest gadget,” Ambos admits.

So when Ambos heard about TechPort through The Patuxent Partnership (TPP) and the County’s Department of Economic Development (DED) meetings, he was immediately intrigued. He attended the next TechPort LunchBox talk and thought, “this is pretty cool stuff.” Two or three lunches later, Ambos was sold.

“It was a combination of things, the collaborative space there, someone with expertise,” Ambos says referring to Brad Bartilson, director of TechPort. “They had a lot of start-up companies speak at the lunches, so it was mostly young people having these ideas and someone to help them develop ideas and help them solve problems.”

Another attraction for Ambos is the airport location in “an up and coming innovative community.” He cites the recent influx of aviation businesses in the area as his proof.

“We wanted to co-locate with like-minded people, with innovative thinkers,” says Ambos, a native of Raymond, Ohio who has lived in southern Maryland since 1995. “We thought, how can we assist this group of problem solvers? We could provide leadership and resources.”

There are benefits, too, for TSI, which provides the full range of Integrated Product Support (IPS) services required to plan and implement acquisition, deployment, and sustainment of weapons systems.

“We believe that the innovation and technology integration that is cultivated at TechPort will help solve current and future complex problems and will promote the abilities of our local community and our nation,” Ambos says. TSI hopes to expand its business model to include commercial business through this collaborative process, the networking opportunities, and the gained knowledge, provided by becoming a TechPort onsite client.

“We are thrilled to have a company like TSI as a new client of our TechPort incubator,” says Bartilson. “The depth of experience that Dave and his team bring is a game-changer for our young, talented entrepreneurs. It is commitments like this that truly exemplify the TechPort experience.”