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    1. Contact TechPort to arrange an in-person discussion
    2. Review TechPort client documents that describe our services, and how we work together
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    4. Applicant Review/Approval
      Who can become a member? TechPort’s charter requires its clients to have a technology basis. For example we don’t work with lifestyle or leisure type startups. Beyond the tech requirement, we’re looking to see where you are in the development of your business, that we see a good market opportunity and that this is a good fit with our skills and resources. Lastly, we ask that you review our documentation of how we work and that you are aligned on what to expect of us, and what we expect of you.
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Membership Types:
Client memberships include dedicated (dedicated office and/or workshop areas), virtual (non-resident) with advising, and co-working
(shared, dedicated office and/or workshop) with advising. Corporate memberships are also available.


Please read the following information that tells you all about TechPort, and our philosophy. If after reading you’re interested in becoming part of our organization, please register below.

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