“Our mission is to get you to success. When you win, our stakeholders and our supporting community win.”

The incubator endeavors to help diversify the local business environment of Southern Maryland. Operated under contract by the University of Maryland, TechPort targets startup and early stage companies that specialize in unmanned and autonomous systems and commercialization of Navy technology. The incubator offers premier office and development space, including high quality 3-D printers, a general machine shop, strategic advising, and expanded funding opportunities. For more information on how to become a client or invest in these businesses, contact us today!.

Investor Relationship Guidance

Many ideas and their markets are great, yet great ideas often go nowhere. Why? Frankly, its quite often about you and your team. Yes, you have developed all the right documents (and spent untold time learning the steps, often with educators (who have no ‘skin-in-the game’ and/or have no personal experience as an entrepreneur). You may find yourself not securing the inventor’s interest initially, or losing it thereafter. At TechPort, the unique plan we develop for you includes our working with you before, during and after the deal, ensuring you’re capturing interest and growing relationships (60% of investor decision is on the team, and your relationship with the investor).

If you are an interested inventor or entrepreneur wondering if there is a market for your idea, and what it will take to get your innovation off the ground; please contact us at info@techportsomd.org.